1. You will not partake in bullying of any kind. This includes threats, doxing of private information, distribution of any images you may have been sent privately. We take bullying and threats seriously and all parties involved will be dealt with swiftly.


2. Do not advertise any chat sites on main chat, private user rooms, private messages, wall posts or in your bio or mood. Make sure any links sent are appropriate or else this may result in severe action taken against you.


3. Do NOT post / talk about extreme inappropriate topics. This includes matures, fetishes etc. and some examples of banned behaviour are, but not limited to: age play, sub/dom, incest, necrophilia, paedophilia and more.


4. Do NOT catfish. If you claim to be any famous person (celebrity or social influencer) you will need to verify this.


5. Do not ask for or offer money for any purpose including but not limited to, nudes, sugar daddy/mommy/baby, or any other reason.


6. Do not share accounts, passwords or offer to log on to accounts. Any persons caught sharing accounts will be dealt with, this is for all parties sharing accounts.


7. Do NOT make false accusations / allegations that cannot be verified by proof. The person making false accusations / allegations will be punished.


8. Do NOT false report posts, PMs or profiles. Repeated behaviour like this will result in your account being kicked or banned


9. Do NOT mini-mod while mods (or admins) are present. If there are no mods online you may inform other users of rules they are breaking but do not push it. If a mod is present and you mini mod you may be muted for it if you don’t stop